Shelter Guardians, Inc. is a proactive, 501c3 non-profit organization whose purpose is to bring our community together in order to help our homeless animals at the Rowan County Animal Shelter. We will better their lives and ease their stress and work together towards facility improvements and meeting changing needs in the future. Shelter Guardians, Inc. is an all-volunteer organization that has no paid staff, board or employees. We welcome any man, woman or child who wants to share in our mission.

Although we are not affiliated with the Rowan County Government, Shelter Guardians, Inc. will work closely with the staff of the Rowan County Animal Shelter to identify and provide the care needed. Keeping our homeless animals healthy is crucial for their adoption by the public and by the many rescuers that work tirelessly to save their lives. Shelter Guardians, Inc. will always stand ready to work together and be the guardians of Rowan’s homeless animals on their journey to the home they all deserve!

Shelter Guardians, Inc. is owned by the people who support it, and who honor the commitment to provide better care for our animals in need. The lives of our homeless animals are literally at stake, so it is imperative we act immediately on their behalf. Please join in this exciting community-wide effort!